A case for a rights-based approach to innovative technologies

In a 2018 book, Enrique Piracés, a human rights technology practitioner opined that “the future of human rights will be intertwined with the advancement of technology”.  These words, though predictive, have a strong historical and normative backing. From the mid-20th century, world powers recognised the right to “share in scientific advancement and its benefits” and […]

The Access to Justice Problem: A Global Outlook

In spite of various efforts and initiatives to enhance access to justice globally, the need for free or heavily subsidised legal services persists. Indeed, the right to access to justice has been described as one of the areas in which “rhetoric outruns reality” because practically, all countries face several challenges in its realisation. By 2017, […]

Revisiting the ICC and the Afrika Question

Africa welcomed the International Criminal Court (ICC) with enthusiasm. Numerically, 33 out of the 121 State Parties as at June 2012 were from the continent and this constituted the “largest regional grouping among ICC member states”. The warm reception saw countries like Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali and Central African Republic self-refer cases to […]